Implementation & Process

·         Pre-Kickoff Tasks

o   Schedule Ivinex Internal Kickoff:

§  This meeting should be scheduled with the Ivinex AE and is to gain a high-level understanding of the following:

·         High-level objectives

·         What was sold

·         Screenshots of UUE

·         Communication channels

o   Email/SMS/MMS/Live-Chat

o   inContact Connectivity

§  Inbound

§  Outbound Strategy

·         Progressive/Predictive (inContact)

·         Preview

o   inContact

o   Ivinex

·         inContact Products Ordered

·         Who is implementing the inContact Products

·         Who is the inContact AE

§  Deliverables:     

·         Preliminary-BRD

o   Use the template document

·         Reach out to inContact AE/SE to get Solutions Overview

·         Prepare for Internal Kickoff