Implementation & Process


UUE Sales Kit


  1. Here is a video library that helps you to present or speak to UUE Components or Scenarios:

  2. These are links to .MP4 files of the above videos so that you can share them in a WebEx presentation:

    **How to show an .MP4 file in a WebEx:

    2a. 3 Minute Introduction video

    2b. Popular Features

    2c. Inbound and Outbound Interactions

    2d. Process Automation

    2e. Ticketing & Email Ticketing

    2f. Lead Management

    2g. Advanced Guided Process Order Fulfillment

    2h. eCommerce Order Management & Shipping

    2i. Customer Card Interactions & Setup


  1. BEFORE YOUR PRESENTATION - UUE Discovery Questions:  UUE Discovery Questions

  2. AFTER YOUR PRESENTATION - UUE Slide Deck for Clients:  UUE Powerpoint Slides

  3. BEFORE PRICING IS PRESENTED - UUE Investment Benefits:  UUE Investment Benefits

  4. EVERY DAY IS END OF QUARTER!  Whatever deal you're working on, you don't need to worry about waiting until the end of the quarter to get the "best pricing" or service for your clients. For us, every day is the end of the quarter, and we want to get deals done, so feel free to work back and forth with us to make it happen! Also, please let us know about anything we can do to make it easier for you to present UUE to your clients!


    7a. Discover: Use the discovery questions above to learn about the client's pain points and data ecosystem.

    7b. Build: Contact me with the details or a video recording, and I will build a custom demo (

    7c. Show: We will show the client the custom demo, and engage with them every step of the way.

    7d. Reinforce: The client will get a slide deck and continue to get demonstrations from us until all decision makers have seen the platform.

    7e. ROI: If we need to demonstrate ROI numbers for the client, I have a calculator and a slide deck for such presentations.

    7f. Quote: Please send an email to or call 801-335-8333 if you need a quote. SKYPE:

    7g. Negotiate: At any step in process, try to find out what the client can spend in a realistic way. I cannot guarantee that we'll meet their desired price, but we'll try to get close.

    7h. Sign: When the client is ready, have them sign the document, and let them know that work will begin after payment is received. The Investment Benefits document above helps to explain the value behind our pricing.